Sooooooo! Let’s start! 

Here you go the 2 men groups
  • Group A:  Group A: USA (A1), Italy (A2), Bulgaria (A3), China (A4),Japan (A5), Venezuela (A6)
  • Group B: Group B: Serbia (B1), Brazil (B2), Poland (B3), Germany (B4), Egypt (B5), Russia (B6)
Birarelli Emanuele
Bovolenta Vigor
Cisolla Alberto
Fei Alessandro
Gavotto Mauro
Mainà Loris
Martino Matteo 
Mastrangelo Luigi 
Meoni Marco
Paparoni Alessandro
Vermiglio Valerio
Zlatanov Hristo

And here you go the 2 women groups:
  • Group A: Japan (A1), Venezuela (A2), Poland (A3), Cuba (A4), China(A5), USA (A6)
  • Group B: Algeria (B1), Serbia (B2), Italy (B3), Russia (B4), Kazakstan (B5), Brizil (B6)
Aguero Taismary
Anzanello Sara
Barazza Jenny
Cardullo Paola
Del Core Antonella (she won’t be there=()
Ferretti Francesca
Gioli Simona
Guiggi Martina
Lo Bianco Eleonora
Ortolani Serena
Piccinini Francesca
Secolo Manuela


2 thoughts on “Volleyball

  1. I love volley as well, but I cannot play anymore due to some knees and back problems (that probably I have because I played volley in the past hehe!), so I can only watch it on tv!=(

  2. I am intersting in your weblog and i notice that sport is more important that’s all so volleyball is the first sport that i like and i like to play volleyball everyday

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