Matthew Parris has issues with Italian tourists


We cannot reconcile these brand-addicted airheads with their cultured forebears

Are Italians the rudest people on the planet? Three times this year, trying to alight from a Tube train, I’ve been shoved back by stylishly dressed people pushing in to board before the alighting passengers are off: and every time they’ve been yabbering in Italian. How do we reconcile modern Italy – consumerism, junk television, brand addiction and mindless celebrity worship – with the Italy of Venice, da Vinci, Verdi and the Medicis? Say what you like about our rowdy, beer-swilling English mob but, tattoos and all, they’d have seen through Berlusconi in an instant.

MATTHEW PARRIS, TIMES (31st July 2008 )


Well…….. It’s true that in these last years our culture went a bit down, and Italian people are noisy when they travel. But I’m tired to see all these commonplaces and generalizations about Italians. Also English are impolite when they travel, they are fashion addicted (London is the paradise of shopping, and every kind of shopping, and not only in the centre of the big city), their TV is not the best really, and we can go on. But I still like UK for other reasons. I hope this guy will have a better day tomorrow!

Beh…… E’ vero che la nostra cultura in questi ultimi anni non è stata delle migliori, ed è altrettant vero che gli italiani sono chiassoni quando viaggiano. Ma sono stanca di leggere sempre gli stessi luoghi comuni e le stesse generalizzazioni su di noi. Anche gli inglese sono maleducati quando viaggiano, sono fissati con la moda (Londra è il paradiso dello shopping, qualsiasi tipo di shopping, e non sono nel centro città), la loro TV non è delle migliori, e possiamo andare avanti così. Ma la Gran Bretagna mi piace comunque, per altre ragioni. Spero che questo signor giornalista abbia un giorno migliore domani!


5 thoughts on “Matthew Parris has issues with Italian tourists

  1. actually people of Italy speak in their own language, it’s really rare to find out someone who knows english. Another thing, I did not find any rudeness with their behaviour, actually if you do not knock them, they wont mess you, that’s their strategy.

    Thinking italian people rude one if you miss the pleasure to visit italy, then I must say, you luck has fooled you lolzz

    You are most welcomed to Venice

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  2. Well that’s true, I forgot about the “English thing”. In Italy it’s a miracle if you find someone that can speak English, and I’m always a bit disappointed when I hear people saying that they don’t care. If you are a big touristic city, I think it’s in your interest to be helpful with a tourist, so this one will decide to come back, or will suggest to some friends to visit that place.
    Anyway, I know the feeling. I had the same here in Denmark: I’m learning Danish, and 2 or 3 times in the supermarkets I asked a thing in English and they looked at me with some killers eyes, then they shook their heads and they walked away. It was not so nice! It happened also in France: I’ll have to train my French pronunciation for next time!

  3. When I was in Venice, the locals didn’t speak much English. Forget asking a policeman directions. They’ll look at you and grunt something quick in Italian and point. They’re not being rude, it’s just their poor English skills. We asked a bus conductor directions. I said “Scusi” in my mock Italian accent and he swung around all smiles and eager to help. When I then spoke slow and clear English I got the displeased finger point and grunt.

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    beautiful gondolas

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