Church: Homosexuality can be cured!

Veramente: No comment!

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook. The video shows a guy, that plays a gay man to go and spy on a course organisated by some nuns and priests near the city of Bergamo (Italy). The aim of the course is to cure homosexuality, considered by this group of religious people an abomination. The video is in Italian, so I´ll just explain quickly what they show.

The guy sent a letter to this nuns, explaining his problems. They sent him a form to fill in where they ask, amongst other things, if he´s a christian, when he became a christian, how the homosexual problem is manifestating, if he´s seeing a therapist or taking any drugs to help to cure the disease. The course costs 150 € and the people that will help you cure your disease are: an ex-gay healed by the same course and now married; 2 priest, one of which is an exorcist, because homosexuality is one of the means used by the devil to descent on earth and rule it.

They give you a list of books that you can read and that will explain you what is homosexuality, what encourage a little child to become homosexual, how you can cure it. The guy that made the report explains that they use a quote taken from the book Leviticus, where it´s written (sorry for the translation eheh): “You will not lie in bed with a men as you lie with a woman, because it is an abomination“. In the same book it´s considered an abomination eat shellfish, have a tattoo or again shaving.

These group of people, but I´m sure many others think the same, at least in Italy, assert that, until the law will not take a strong position against this abomination, the world will always have this huge problem called homosexuality. But now one of the scariest and most disturbing part: men are superior to women. The man comes first, the woman comes after the man. First were Adam and Eve equal in front of God. But then Eve has fallen, and she took Adam with her. So men has to guide women because they are week, they have to be their leaders and women has to be subordenated. God said to Adam to “dominate” the woman, as consequence of her disobedience. So if you want to avoid that you kids will take this sickness, a trick they suggest you is to say “Don´t do that thing! Girls do that, and you are a boy!”. They also suggest you to remove the toilet seat in case you notice that you kis refuses to pee standing up. If he wants to seat, something is wrong, it´s a sign that one day he could get the homosexuality sickness. So remore the toilet seat and oblige him to pee standing up like a real man!

They also show some scenes from Pedro Almodovar´s movies during the course, and they condamn him. They also use Pier Paolo Pasolini as a good example. They said he died because of his sexual sins. So even if homosexuality is not considered a mental and/or psychiatric sickeness since 1973, these people still quote writers and theories that refer to that point of view.

So everyone is heterosexual, but can deviate and fall into the spiral of the homosexual disease. But how does this disease is created? The exorcist explains that, mothers can help to create this problem. Kids don´t have a clear and defined sexuality, so when for example the mother says “your dad is a bastard”, and the kid notices that his dad comes to pick him up at 8 instead of 5, he starts to wonder if he´s dad isn´t a bit bastard for real. Then he thinks “I´m a male as well, so what am I guilty for?”. The mother should help the kid saying “Now stop all this and go out to play! I don´t want to see you at home!”. This is a fundamental exercise to save you kid from homosexuality; if you, mother, don´t apply this basic theory, you´ll help your kid going down (to hell). When mothers don´t do this, is because they are thinking about their little circle of friends sitting in the living room to embroider. Mothers think in that way, because they embodied that kind of identity, and now they are trying to apply that to their little kids. The only problem is that the little kids are not called Maria, but Marco, they are male! In this way mothers create a emptyness is the kid, that will lead to perdition.

I think this is shocking and disturbing… Now I have to go and ask to my boyfriend if I behave well, or if I need him to show me the right way to heaven! Ahahahaha! WE ARE IN 2008!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!


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