The 10 happiest places to holiday

I would like to travel! I´m missing going around a bit! I would love to flight to London, because I´m missing it sometimes. I would love to come back to Paris and visit Amsterdam for the first time. And I would like to take a break in Greece with my boyfriend, doing nothing for 2 weeks! The last time I managed to have a nice relaxing holiday was in 2005 in Palma de Mallorca. After that I´ve been in England and Scotland 8 days in 2006, and then just short trips. The fact that I moved to London first, and here in Denmark after, didn´t help my wallet! 😀 So now I have to wait!

Anyway! For those who would like to go somewhere, but they don´t know where, here is a list of the 10 happiest places to holiday, written by Dr Baylis. Of course it´s his personal list, but maybe it could help you find out where to go!

Ho voglia di viaggiare! Mi manca l´andare a zonzo! Mi piacerebbe volare a Londra, perché mi manca a volta. Mi piacerebbe tornare a Parigi e visitare per la prima volta Amsterdam. E mi piacerebbe andare in Grecia, dove mi potrei rilassare 2 settimane con la doce metá! L´ultima volta che sono andata in ferie é stato nel 2005 a Palma di Maiorca. Dopo di quello sono andata in Inghilterra e Scozia per 8 giorni nel 2006, e poi solo viaggetti corti. Il fatto che mi sia traferita prima a Londra, e poi qui in Danimarca, non ha di certo aiutato le mie finanze! 😀 Quindi adesso devo pazientare!

Comunque! Per quelli che vorrebbero andare da qualche parte, ma non sanno ancora dove, ecco una lista dei 10 posti piú felici per fare vacanza, scritta dal Dr Baylis. Naturalmente questa lista é quella personale e soggettiva di Baylis, ma potrebbe aiutare qualcuno a realizzare dove andare!

The 10 happiest places to holidays (Dr Baylis – The Times online –link-)

Here are ten places I know personally that nurture at least one key dimension of happiness or another.

You might like to consider what your own wish-list might look like, and then go test your theories first-hand. Dynamic and versatile exploration provides the most promising route to living well.

Berlin: the creative arts can tell us so much about living life

Berlin’s passion for the Creative Arts…for fashion, contemporary galleries and performance… is a wonderful balance to the BOSCH mentality of modern-day living. Our lives aren’t half as linear nor logical as over-zealous scientists would have us believe.

New York: capable of such dynamic energy and innovation

This city is prepared to question the accepted wisdoms, and redraw the lines of what’s thought possible. It reminds us that we just don’t know what will work for us until we try for ourselves. But walking down Wall Street, we might ponder how Optimistic Action should always be balanced by Adequate Precautions. (i.e. The better our safety-measures, the more experimental we can afford to be.)

Scottish Highlands : calls to our inner wild

Hiking here among the majesty and sweep of the natural landscape reminds us of our innate rapport with the planet we’re travelling on, while the bracing isolation can work up a healthy hunger and appreciation for warm companionship : the ceilidh and the clan.

Toulouse: pretty in pink

The warm pink stone of this southern French city basking in summer sun might inspire us to honour our heartfelt and hottest passions. Pink is the colour of warm skin and embarrassing home-truths, and life is at its best when we can feel it keenly.

North Wales: shared adventure builds close relationships

Exploring the ancient valleys and villages on foot while armed only with a compass and packed-lunch, cum sleeping under canvas beside a camp fire, is a fine way to deepen our loving friendship with someone special.

Rome: warmly social activities and ‘Benevolent Touch’

One of the greatest tonics to our all-round well-being is a richly colourful social life that revolves around activities not passivities (i.e. dancing not tv). The Italian spirit makes dining round-table, rough n tumble sport, and hugging and kissing in the piazza, all as natural as laughing. Intensely social animals, we isolate ourselves at our peril, yet blossom with benevolent touch.

Northern Ireland: where playfulness and humour are vital

– the home of ‘the good crack’. In the face of the adversities that every life is heir to, nothing beats humour for letting-off steam. Those 1 in 10,000 Human Volvos who live till they’re 100 and are still firing on all cylinders, invariably do so with a ready wit and an easy laugh. It’s a symptom of just how relaxed and versatile they are in dealing with life.

Norway: life is seasonal, and yin requires yang

Lightly populated, rugged and on the edge of things, the gentle and highly seasonal beauties of the Norwegian way of life remind us that less is often more, and that ups and downs, darkness and light, hot and cold are part and parcel of a healthy life. As Tolstoy observed : “Only people who are capable of loving strongly, can also suffer great sorrow”.

Amsterdam: saving our souls from the over-use of technology

In old Amsterdam, cars come a clear second to bikes, (in both legal precedence and practical terms), proving that we really can do it – rather like we’ve proved smoking can be stopped in public places. Chattering couples ferry each other around the canal-sides on big curvaceous bicycles with sit-up-and-beg handle-bars and two-tone bells. In fact, I own just such a beauty, with the unlikely name of The Sparta Granny.

Norfolk Coast: simple activities

That cost little but create a profound sense of satisfaction, such as dinghy-sailing, a game of ball on the beach, running in the dunes and songs around a woodfire. Bearing in mind that vigorous exercise and lots of sleep are two of the most powerful healers we human-animals have at our disposal, this really is the life! After freshly caught seafood and chips, we will sleep soundly for the sea air.


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