Belgian Beer tasting

Yesterday I went with two friends to a beer tasting. We tasted 7 beers from Belgium, and I have to say that, next time we´ll do a taste of any kind, I´ll take some sandwiches with me! 😀 It has been hard hehe! But worth! The pub´s owner told us about the brewing and the history of each beer, which made the tasting more interesting. Anyway, if I already liked Belgian beers, now I love them! 😀

Ieri sono andata ad una degustazione di birre con due amici. Abbiamo assaggiato 7 birre provenienti dal Belgio, e devo dire che la prossima volta che mi capiterá di andare ad una degustazione di qualsiasi tipo, metteró dei panini in borsa! 😀 É stata dura hehe! Ma ne é valsa la pena! Il proprietario del pub ci ha raccontato la lavorazione e la storia di ogni birra, il che ha reso tutto ancora piú interessante. Comunque, se le birre belge mi piacevano di giá, adesso le adoro! 😀


5.0%. Taste of cherry, cider-like, vinous. Not really my favourite, but it it interesting, because it´s produced by spontaneus fermentation.

Another kind of Lambiek, but this time with raspberry taste. This is actually the first one we tasted. The one we had was a 4.3%.

Not the best pic, but a really really good trappist beer. A Westmalle Triple ( Bitter and a bit fruity, one of my favourites.

8.5%. Lovely little bottle=) It was bitter, but with some fruity taste.

8.5%. Duvel it´s really famous, but it also tastes really good!=)

11.3%. It´s really really strong, and it was the last one of the tasting. It killed me I think hehe. But it´s really good. Dark, intense, bitter, with some dark cholate taste.

7.5%. Red-brownish and smooth. A really good trappist beer.


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