Back to black

I was in Italy and was having a nice dinner with some friends and Mr. Boyfriend, when my friend Stefano said: “oh, but the way, Amy Winehouse is dead”. I know she was not the healthiest person in the world, but I wasn´t expecting it! I liked her voice and her music. I think, that Back to black is one of the best albums of the last many many years, and I still get chills when I listen to it. What can I say? A great talent that left us too early.

Settimana scorsa stavo cenando con degli amici e Mr. Boyfriend, quando il mio amico Stefano mi dice: “A proposito! É morta Amy Winehouse”. Lo so che non era la persona piú in salute del mondo, ma non me lo aspettavo! La sua musica e la sua voce mi piaciono molto. Penso che Back to black sia uno dei migliori album pubblicati in molti molti anni, e mi vengono ancora i brividi quando lo ascolto. Cosa posso dire? Un grande talento che  ci ha lasciato troppo presto.

Amy was, in my opinion, the most soulful vocalist this country has ever seen.

And her album Back to Black was the best album I had heard since the 70s. No question.

It’s a tragedy on two levels. Most important of course, the waste of such a young life and the pain of those who knew and loved her…

But it’s also a tragedy for all of us that we won’t be hearing the exquisite music that she would have given us if fate had spared her life.

I hope she is at peace now.

George Michael


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