Moleskine: 2012 diary Peanuts special edition

Today I received my 2012 Moleskine daily diary!:D They made a special edition for the 60th anniversary of Peanuts. I always loved Schulz little family, so I´m like in wonderland right now!

Moleskine is an Italian brand, but back in the days these diaries were handmade in Paris. They became famous because a lot of artists used them to capture their ideas and creativity. Some names are Hemingway, Picasso, Wilde, Van Gogh, Matisse. They are now produced in China, but they are still elegant, simple and well made.

Oggi é arrivata la mia Moleskine 2012!:D Hanno fatto un´edizione speciale in onore del 60esimo anniversario di Peanuts. Mi é sempre piaciuta la piccola famiglia di Schulz, quindi in questo momento sono al settimo cielo!:D

Peanuts by Schulz, 2012 special edition (Images from Beautiful Living)


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