Henriette Sennenvaldt

Few weeks ago I attended my first Poetry brunch. Even if the brunch consisted of a little corner of chocolate cake, I was impressed by the two Danish poets. A man and a woman in their thirties have been summoned to read some of their poems for a us and answer some questions. I was not sure, I was going to understand, because it was in Danish and poetry is for me the most direct form of literature, but it´s also the one that is most directly connected to the hearth and the semiotics of a language, and to the culture as well. So it can really be difficult to understand the meaning, when you have to listen and don´t have the luxury to have a something written down you can read again and again. It went fine, I suppose! 😛

I was impressed by the Henriette Sennenvaldt. She sang a poem in English whilst she was playing. She had a beautiful, characteristic voice. So when everything was over, I went to speak to her and I asked where I could buy her book. She said “I can send it to you”, for free. She was just so sweet and inspiring! So I got my book last Friday, and I found out, she wrote her poems in Danish and then they have been translated into English! I prefer them in Danish, but I happy to have the English version, so I can post one here 🙂

She didn´t focus only on the poems, but on the format of the book as well . On the first page she wrote:

The masterpiece was a book made of snow 23 by 27 centimeters

Sweet little book

Sweet little book

Then you turn page and jump into an illustration of Julie Nord, ” Afternoon at the fringe” (very Carrollian if you ask me hehe). I tried to take a picture with my phone and my little finger:

Julie Nord

Julie Nord

The layout is elegant, clear and simple. I like this attention to different aspects of the book, because the book becomes more than a mere book 🙂

Chapter 1

Chapter 1




Nothing but a toy

So simple and sexy

When I get lost and get scared

You examine my stumps

You poke at the void

You lick my soul

You munch my pulse


You are nothing but bad

such a crawling creep

Such greedy liar

Yeah yeah it was awesome

It was ok fine

Leave and never come back



I know the likes of you

Shadows that lure and crave

Crude crude shadows

No clue as to what has been slipped into the meal

Who is waiting on dark staircases

It does not matter now

Everyone knows I am sick with longing


Nothing but

Moonsick and strange

I am tired of people

Who just abandoned me

Far too hopelessly hopeful

Round here there is the risk and run

Round here not a damn thing happens



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