Jakob Kolding


Jakob Kolding’s installation at Aarhus Kunsthal

Few weeks ago Aarhus Kunsthal was hosting Jacob Kolding’s installation How to build a universe that falls apart two days later, a kind of collage on a big wall, created using eight different posters made by Kolding, that can be put together in an endless number of combinations. The posters were available to the visitors and it was possible to take them home.
Aarhus Kunsthal started then a little competition, that consisted in using one or more posters, set them together as you wanted to, take a picture and upload it on Instagram to concur with other participants. The best and/or more original picture won a little lamp designed by Eliasson.
I immediately thought, it was a nice and creative idea! So I took all the eight posters home, selected my favourite two and went outside with my Nikon to take some pictures:) Here are my favourite and the one I uploaded on Instagram (the squared one). It is a shame that not so many people took part in the contest. It would have been more fun!




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