New York City haiku

New York City in 17 syllables

For National Poetry Month, The New York Times asked readers to write haiku about the city: three lines of five, seven and five syllables. The response — more than 2,800 submissions in 10 days — was as impressive, and as exhausting, as the city itself. Writers were asked to stick to six subjects: the island, strangers, solitude, commuting, 6 a.m. and kindness. Beyond that, poems could be fashioned from whatever inspiration the five boroughs provided.

I’ve never been to New York, but it looks like I have to, because lately I keep on reading, hearing or seeing something related to this fascinating city 🙂 This poetry contest was such a great idea and I enjoyed reading these haiku in the Danish sun with my cup of coffee. Some of them made me smile, some made me think and some of them awoke that mixed sensation of solitude and belonging, I was feeling when I was living in London.
Here are some of my favourite:

Behind him a trail
Of bread crumbs, popcorn and seeds.
He makes birds happy

Morning Q commute
Has the best smell of the day:
Coffee and shampoo.

If build and destroy
are music notes, our island
Is a symphony.

If jackhammers wrote
Code, our island would launch a
Facebook every day

The New Yorker is
Not kind, they say. I say, he
Just left it at home.

This concrete, these dreams
Crafted before I got here
Gone before I left.

We can spend the night
Together, but I expect
Bagels in the morning.

On the roof, standing,
Flying his kite in the sky
The street disappears.

(6 a.m.)
Hidden among the
Sleepwalking, caffeine zombies.
A morning person.

I know you, don’t I?
You were me five years ago,
Dreaming of New York.


Markus Zusak – An old interview

For all those who fell in love with The book thief, here is a short interview from 2008 published by The Guardian:
Markus Zusak. The author of The book thief explains why failure is his best friend, and why all writers tend to be loners.

New York Times and Bergamo

Here is an article regarding my hometown: Bergamo, Italy, a Medieval town of Art and Architecture near Milan 🙂

NYT – The benefits of Bilingualism

The benefits of bilingualism, by YUDHIJIT BHATTACHARJEE.

Ciao bella!

From "Il declino del paese piú bello del mondo"-"The decline of the most beautiful land in the world"

And here is the article in English: The sweet poison of Berlusconi – Italy´s downward spiral accelerates, by Fiona Ehlers, Hans-Jürgen Schlamp and Alexander Smoltczyk, Der Spiegel.

La notte della rete

Why you shouldn´t trust clowns.

They are mean! Ok, I´ve been traumatized by Stephen King´s IT, when I watched it on TV. I was 9 or 10 years old, and I still remember, that I had a pillowcase with a smiling clown face on it. I had to turn it, so it faced the matrass, or I couldn´t sleep! Hehe! Anyway! I never liked clown, even before IT. I think, it´s because I connect them with circus shows, and everything that smells circensian, evokes an infinite sadness in my little world. I also tried to read King´s book, but my boyfriend forced me to put the book away. I read the first 20 pages, where nothing happens a part from the fact that Giorgie get killed, and I had a messed up dream! (My boyfriend said, that my dreams are often messed up, with serial killers and trips to different wonderlands, more or less on acid! :D) In my dream I was sitting in my living room, chatting with my boyfriend, when I felt that something was wrong. I looked at my boyfriend´s teeth, and I saw that they were a bit too much pointy that usual. So I understood, that he was IT, and I grabbed his face that began to smelt, revealing IT´s face. My boyfriend woke me, because I started to shout and he also got scared hahhahahah! I was 27 old… yeah, yeah… It scares me! 😀

Anyway! Bad clows exists also in real life! Let´s look to J. W. Gacy´s story! 😛 Right now you´re probably wondering about, why I´m writing these things! Just because I found this article: When Clowns Go Bad. It speaks about being clourophobic and other things! 😀

And yes… I´m not going to try to read that book for some more years! 😀

Sono cattivi! Va bene, sono stata traumatizzata dalla storia di IT, verisione televisiva del celebre libro di Stephen King. Allora avevo 9 o 10 anni, e mi ricordo ancora che avevo una fodera con impressa la faccia sorridente di un pagliaccio. Per riuscire a dormire, dovevo girare il cuscino cosí che la faccia fosse rivolta verso il materasso! Hehe! Comunque! I pagliacci non mi sono mai piaciuti, anche prima della mia avventura con IT. Forse perché li connetto con il circo, e tutto quello che ha a che fare con circo e co., mi evoca una tristezza grandissima. Ho anche provato a leggere il libro di King, ma il mio danese mi ha forzata a metterlo via. Dopo le prime 20 pagine, dove non succede quaisi nulla, a parte il fatto che Giorgie viene ucciso, avevo avuto un incubo stranissimo! (Mr. Danimarca mi dice spesso che i miei sogni non sono normali, tra serial killer e viaggi in vari paesi delle meraviglie, piú o meno in acido :D) Nel sogno mi trovo in sala, e parlo con il mio ragazzo, quando capisco che qualcosa non torna. Lo sguardo mi cade sui denti del mio ragazzo, e mi accorgo che sono un bel po´ piú  appuntiti del solito. Allora capisco che in realtá é IT, e mi lancio su di lui, aggrappandomi alla faccia, che inzia a sciogliersi, rivelando cosí la faccia del pagliaccio malefico. A quel punto il mio ragazzo mi ha svegliata, perché lo spaventato con le mie urla hahahahahah! Ed avevo 27 anni… che ci posso fare? Mi spaventa! 😀

Comunque! I pagliacci cattivi esistono anche nella vita reale! Basta guardare alla storia di J.W. Gacy! Ora vi starete chiedendo, perché mai mi sono messa a scrivere queste cose! Perché sono incappata in questo articolo: When Clowns Go Bad. Parla della claurofobia a altre cosine! Se non capite l´inglese, ricordatevi di usare Google Chrome, cosicché l´articolo venga tradotto! 😀

E si… non leggeró quel libro per molti e molti anni a venire! 😀