Snow #2

Same spot, different season 🙂









That’s what I understood after last week walk with my D3000: I really need a tripod 😛




City Nikon :)

Today I took my Nikon for a trip to Aarhus city centre to practice a little with portrait photography. I’m not really patient, when it comes to portrait pictures, mostly because I never really tried. But today I was so lucky to have the chance to learn some basics from a more experienced amateur photograph.
When I checked my pictures out, I could totally see, that I need a lot of practice! 🙂 But some of them are actually fine enough.
I played with some filters on some pictures, while others are “filter-free”! 🙂












More Olafur Eliasson

Not a quality photograph (it was taken with my iPhone 😛 ), but I’m so fascinated by Eliasson’s installations, I had to post it anyway! You can find some permanent installations here in Aarhus at Aros Museum, if one day should find yourself in Denmark 😉

La foto non è delle migliori (l’ho fatta con il mio iPhone 😛 ), ma sono talmente affascinata dalle installazioni di Eliasson, che devo pubblicarla comunque! Si possono trovare delle installazioni permanenti al museo Aros qui in Aarhus, nel caso in cui qualcuno si trovasse in ferie qui in Danimarca 😉


Edvard Munch – Angst/Anxiety


Finally I managed to see the temporary exposition dedicated to Munch! I never saw or read a lot about Munch’s life and works, a part from the most famous paintings everyone knows about. So I was more than happy to learn a little bit more. I loved the varied use of the lithography techniques, the melancholy and the anxiety of Munch’s works (typical Scandinavian-ish), but I was also surprised to see some more classical and “happier” approaches, inspired by the impressionists and Van Gogh.
You have 30 minutes to go thru the exhibition, but I don’t think they are enough, if you want to enjoy it. Luckily we did buy some extra time. Take it in consideration, if you’re planning to see the exhibition before it ends.
I also went to see a temporary exhibition dedicated to the Danish artist Per Kirkeby. Quite a cozy and interesting afternoon, I might say!:)

E. Munch – Biography

Finalmente sono andata a vedere la mostra dedicata a Edvard Munch! A parte i dipinti più famosi, non conoscevo molto la storia e le opere di Munch, quindi ero molto curiosa di saperne di più! Mi è piaciuto molto l’uso di diverse tecniche si litografia, come mi sono piaciute molto la melanconia e l’ansia che scaturiscono dalle opere di Munch (atmosfere molto scandinave), ma sono rimasta sorpresa nel vedere anche dei dipinti più classicheggianti e più “felici”, ispirati dagli impressionisti e da Van Gogh.
Si hanno 30 minuti per vedere la mostra, ma non sono abbastanza se ce la si vuole godere. Fortunatamente avevamo comprato un po’ di minuti extra; è consigliabile farlo se c’è qualcuno che sta pianificando di vedere la mostra.
Sono anche riuscita a vedere una mostra dedicata all’artista danese Per Kirkeby. Proprio un bel pomeriggio rilassante e interessante come non ne ho avuti da un bel po’ di tempo!:)

Edvard Munch – Anxiety

If you’re planning a trip to Denmark, look at Aros’ temporary exhibitions on their homepage. Starting form tomorrow, and until the 17th of February 2013, you can admire over a 100 works painted by the famous and talented Norwegian artist Munch!
I’ll have to wait until November to enjoy this exhibition, and I really cannot wait!!! 🙂